Reel Sixty

Wedding films on 8mm

About Us

In 2003 a young music engineer thought up an inspired wedding gift; to capture his friend’s wedding on Super 8mm cine film.  The idea was perfect, shooting on 8mm stock produced an honest, beautiful and unique record of the big day, something the newly weds would cherish for years to come.   The wedding film was a smash hit and very soon a more couples were asking for Super 8 wedding films, so the man with the idea formed a small team and this team became Reel Sixty.  During those early days most couples requested conversion to VHS for home viewing, requests for copies on the newly fangled DVDs were quite rare and nobody had yet invented decent platform for sharing films online.


Right now we are celebrating 10 years of weddings on film, and it’s been many thousands of feet of stock, gallons of lab chemicals, champagne, sweat and tears.   We’ve loved all of the places and faces we’ve put to film; from the South Downs to the Highlands, from a Swedish ice hotel to the French Riviera.  Then as now, Reel Sixty is the same small team with its original inspiration at heart – taking one special day and marking it indelibly on Super 8 film.  Over the years technologies and formats have changed but Super 8mm has remained as it has always been, the very same colour and grain that has been loved for generations.


Capture your day on film and live forever.